Access Cover Skate

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VAT amount: £23.10
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Manufacturer: Howe Green


Lifting Skate for Floor Access Covers

The Howe Green Cover Skate is the ingenious way to lift and move heavy floor access covers.

The Cover Skate means you need less people to do the job and don't have to worry about the health and safety issues that come with using bigger pieces of equipment. 

The Access Cover Skate is suitable for use in all types of locations from airports, factories and hospitals to hotels, offices and schools - the Cover Skate gives you access to concealed services quickly, safely and cost effectively.


Used to lift and provide safe and easy removal of floor access covers.

Please note: 2 Cover Skates are required for operation.

Use with all Howe Green floor access covers including

To enable use with an alternative manufacturer Access Cover, please contact us regarding the appropriate lifting key.